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02 – A New Toy

02 – A New Toy published on 3 Comments on 02 – A New Toy
Sammy gets her new phone! Coloring a page takes a huge amount of time (over 6 hours sometimes), and I had no time to draw another full color comic besides CB. However, plain lineart is just too “flat” for my taste, and I feel it makes your eyes work harder to distinguish between all the elements on a page. So I started playing around with this painting concept where I mask out the characters and use a simple grey scale fill on them. You get enough of a sensation of volume to make the char pop out of the page without all the work that goes into digital painting.
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  • TheAngryOldFart

    This title is misleading >:3

  • goodtigerclaw

    edgeworth reminds me of Nekonny from carribian blue…