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03 – What Big Ears You Have…

03 – What Big Ears You Have… published on 8 Comments on 03 – What Big Ears You Have…
Sammy gets an unexpected bonus with her new device!
Even using grey scale, sometimes a little bit of extra texture can really help a page; in this case Ive used screen tones both on the desk as well as the background for added effect.
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  • flabergast

    is she going to become a cat girl?

  • Hehehe, I think Pervy Charm the perfect words to describe him.

    First page impressions are making me impressed!

  • Gravedigger

    i’d love to bite her

  • Gravedigger

    the author is the author of Rascals

  • goodtigerclaw

    this has offiacialy become my 2nd favorite comic

  • 2 years ago since last comic.. wow.