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06 – Just Gottta Sit Down For a Sec…

06 – Just Gottta Sit Down For a Sec… published on 20 Comments on 06 – Just Gottta Sit Down For a Sec…
Things are going along rather smoothly so far, been able to make several pages in the past week or so. All my other art has been on hold though, but focus is important when I’m so far behind… And speaking of behind, Sammy gets another addition thanks to the faulty phone. How the heck is she gonna hide that one?
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  • flabergast

    oh no, the tail. Looks like she is going to be a cat girl. hopefully she’ll be able to keep her tail still before her friends nootice it.

  • anon


  • goodtigerclaw

    lol…dat noise

  • Regulos14

    Great to see Jasmine get her own comic. Can’t wait to see what follows. XD

  • Majinkoba

    Ah so this is what you’ve been working on 🙂

  • Hasmodye

    I wonder what his schedule is going to be like?

  • LittleLake

    No buts, huh? We’ll just see about that.

  • Eeeee…! This is gonna be so great!

  • interesting how our first look at jasmine in the comic is not quite the jasmine we’ve come to love from the art..

    • Skidddog

      How so?

      • just having a hard time seeing the free spirited one from the ask tumblr working nearly non-stop with few breaks..

        • Timecapsule13

          uhm…. Im not familiar with Jasmine…. can I get a link or something so I can kind of figure out who she is??

        • Squall Lee

          you can be a free spirit that loves your hobbies and be a hard worker at the same time

  • Shadowkey392

    She has got to be the only person I know (real or fictional) who loves her work sooo much that she would rather work than take time off.

    • Timecapsule13

      Not for me, knew a guy who would pay you money so he could do your homework. And he was an all A student.

  • Victor B

    New reader: Ironic you cut off the butt in the “no butts” panel! lol Looking forward to this comic

  • Squall Lee

    today’s a good day

  • codebracker

    New comic.
    An actuall new comic, just a first page and that’s it.
    This is a rare sight to see, like a newborn baby of pixels and ink.
    Let’s see what it turns out into, shall we?