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09 – Wrong Button! Wrong Button!

09 – Wrong Button! Wrong Button! published on 16 Comments on 09 – Wrong Button! Wrong Button!
Lydia messes around with the phone a little, seeing what she can do to try and help her friend. But…. how is a larger chest related to being a catgirl??? o_O To be honest, Ive had this page sketched out for quite a while, and even got around to inking/shading it. Ever notice how many mangas have some sort of gratuitous fanservice right in the first chapter? I think it has something to do with captivating an audience to pike their interest and keep them reading. On this page I experimented with a shading technique common to mangas; vertical lines on Sammy’s face in the last panel to express her anguish at the sudden change. I suppose its all part of the learning process; as time goes by we improve no matter what medium we use.
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  • GespenstKAF

    Right button! RIGHT BUTTON!

    • Harper


    • flabergast

      strange how that didn’t rip the shirt.

    • gggggg

      oh yeah,bigger boobs.

  • P218

    wonder it could be real ^^

  • trace legacy

    Penpen also showed up in the comic two kinds once or twice with all his evil little greatness

  • goodtigerclaw


  • Thisguy

    If this is a Chinese rip off, what’s happening in China?

  • Edge Knight

    *looks left looks right* sweet im claiming first in this brave new world!!!!
    also this comic look like its gonna be a fun one!!!

  • Eric

    hehe, I loved this page.

  • Lucius Appaloosius

    Good to see the new site! I may have to review these early strips again… 7@=e