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  • flabergast

    I can’t blieve she can still talk.

  • ReyJJJ

    2005: Nekocat (CB)
    2013: Necho Cat (KH3D)

  • Jackson Miles

    This is so awesome!!!!!! And hot!!!!

  • Terry Mouse

    See, my situation’s always been more like Macie; desperately wishing for vacation, but due to inane work policies, I can never get the time off that I want because someone else already requested the days for time off that I requested, sometimes as early as two years in advance, but the request is there and I can’t take that time off because someone else is taking that off and just augh! ;_;

  • Edge Knight

    and busty!!!!

  • Shadowkey392

    I like her attitude. Her face I that last panel has “I’m gonna conquer the world” written all over it.