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28 – And the Winner is…

28 – And the Winner is… published on 55 Comments on 28 – And the Winner is…
A new challenger approaches! Be blinded by the power of her innocence and  hardcore cuteness!  There is no blocking it, you WILL submit! Enough distractions, lets get back to the task at hand… wait, where’s your Phone Sammy? And why does your bag smell of ferret? New comic at last! Man that Nekonny sure is lazy… >(¬_¬)>
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  • Chuck

    Shin Chan?

  • Explosion Zuruck

    Oh sure. nek is indeed lazy. mi mi [mihari. yes i just gave you a nickname like i did nekonny] make sure to redo CB will ya? cant exactly post on there like i can on here. [3DS’s have their tolerance limits ya know. and somehow you got it right for 3DS friendly]

  • Explosion Zuruck

    check that… redo katbox altogether… at least make a TINY adjustment to where katbox is 3DS friendly…

    • Agen

      for that Zuruck, you should be asking SoulKat

    • Mihari

      Actually it was very much Nintendo friendly. HOWEVER, when Nintendo pushed it’s recent update onto the 3DS and Wii it disabled CSS support in the browser. Thus ruining the site since it’s completely CSS driven.

      The only reason iMew still works for you is cause it hasn’t been updated yet. This is only a temp theme. 😛

      • Explosion Zuruck

        PLEASE keep it that way???? [please….. i like it like this]

        • PicaGreen

          did i initiate sumthing on the previous comic cause my littlebro has been goin through my history & saying he was me

          • ThatPersonWithNoGender(Supposedly)

            …That girl is practically a part of the Kaka clan…(the girl who won I mean)
            Slap a evil tooth’d mask on her and you’ve got a cute kitty kaka waiting to pounce any Rawrgnas nearby.

          • Tha Bomb

            @lihas Once in a blue moon 🙂

          • Explosion Zuruck

            and i ask: you sure yer making sense? yer already confusing the crap outta me.

          • Is there a specific cycle for this comic’s pahes?

          • *pages

          • Rad

            It took you two months to do 5 panels with no backgrounds? Even when you’re doing them on a regular basis, it still takes over a month.

            I know this is a side-project, but jeez man! People paid you to make these comics! And you show your appreciation for their patronage with infrequent updates, filler images depicting the FurAffinity mascot, and the excuse “lol I’m so lazy.”

          • Doyleman1234

            Calm yourself, doctor.

          • Nekonny

            Just to clarify things, the past 15 pages as well as the next 5 weren’t paid for by anybody; they were a freebie granted by me in appreciation of another completely unrelated event.

            Important to note then that while iMew was created as a side project and an additional source of income, I have not received any money for it in over a year. Increasingly I’ve had to make up for that by taking alternative work, which has led to delays in the comic.

            That being said, I do appreciate the readers, and I do feel guilty about not being able to post updates as frequently as I do for my main comic, regardless of there being income or not.

            But since the delay seems to be causing so much grief, I’m going to propose that the remaining 5 freebie pages be written off, that we reactivate the donation system and that I resume constant updates.

            If people have an issue with this being a donation comic, I’m sorry they feel that way, but that was the only avenue I could take to justify the extra time spent on comics and not commission artwork. If that concept becomes unbearable for them, I welcome them to read my main comic which is completely free.

          • Wow… Relax!
            Nekonny had a car accident (as from what i heard)

          • Rad

            Oh, you weren’t paid? My apologies. I was under the assumption this was still a donation comic.

            I don’t mind when web comic authors find alternative revenue via donation comics and such. In fact, I’m happy they do! As long as it doesn’t stab the freebie readers.

            I’m sorry for any drama I caused. I have friends who literally spent over a thousand dollars on comics only to either receive a lazy delivery or no delivery at all. And the authors were either insultingly ignorant or subtly mocking about the issue.

          • Herb Flinn

            So how many donations do you need per page?

  • Nekonny

    The last listing was 55 per page, it will probably continue to be the same once we start collecting again.

    • Lol i love this comic… I would donate if i could but alas no card no bank account not even paypal… And im in the last 2 years of highschool so no job either… But apart from that one question


  • Explosion Zuruck

    that or it may be technical problems.

    • AACMIV

      The updates are almost as long as ProtonJon’s!

  • Explosion Zuruck

    hey lookit that! it was technical problems!

    • mihari


    • Foxrai

      Guys better go check comic named: Slightly Damned! really awsome, updated twice a week :p

      • gggggg

        How’d she lose?

  • Explosion Zuruck

    Damn right.

    • flabergast

      how did she lose? Also, where’s the phone?

  • Outch …

    Act like a bitch ? She’s in love with him, she proposed him a nice meal and hinted him he could stay here. In other words, she proposed her love to him. Yet he turned her down, with a manner – or rather an absence of manner – that was practically like spitting in her face. Minos acted like a complete jerk. Thick as a brick and a jerk.

    • fred

      You’re obviously a female who thinks just like Mora. Or even worse, a male whose mind has been poisoned by one. Yes. Act like a bitch. Almost to an impossibly exaggerated amount that I would almost be inclined to say is worse than any person in real life if I didn’t know better. She’s the worst. She got exactly what she deserved. And I say that because I’m such a nice guy. A less nice guy might say she didn’t deserve to have someone come to her rescue when she met Minos the first time. And love? Bull. She wasn’t in love with anything but herself and her own self interest. She didn’t even know him, she took him for an idiot, thinking he could be so easily manipulated. How much can person A “love” person B when person A just met person B and thinks person B is an idiot who will fall for a really cheesy and transparent con and just wants to jump person B’s bones? If that’s your idea of love, I imagine you might well be standing at a street corner right now with a good prospect of getting that kind of love.

  • ReyJJJ

    “She-Hulk Smash! Heh. Imagine?”

  • ReyJJJ

    Are you telling me that waitering is monkeywork?

  • goodtigerclaw

    wooooow that jacket won

  • goodtigerclaw

    GANDALF? HE BECAME A KING! and furry

  • goodtigerclaw

    gandalfs all like “bitch you cant rule this kindom! now go marry some random douchbag so HE can rule this shitty half-assed kindom!”

  • I’m envisioning Cheng in Lego form right now. ^__^

    • You are not alone. I was about halfway through my second viewing of The Lego Movie and thought, yes, I need more Benny in my life. Glad you picked up on it.

      • Vulpine Warrior

        We ALL need more Benny! 80’s Space FTW!!!

  • NixieSeal

    Ha, cute! I can totally see Cheng doing that.

  • Ratz

    lol funny.

  • Radar


  • Tammy

    you know what? I Think all the artists should collaborate on a group webcomic like this one, how can I put it? you know, every katbox character off-set interacting with each other like normal people, know what I mean?

  • Shadowkey392

    Rofl I love it!

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