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29 – Target Acquired

29 – Target Acquired published on 38 Comments on 29 – Target Acquired
That Curran is in a lotta trouble XD Again, sorry for all the delays guys! Now that we have finally migrated servers and fixed all the bugs (most of which are probably that ferret’s fault btw) the KB should be running as smooth as silk. I’ll do what I can to keep the updates roiling at a bearable pace!
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  • Ookami

    Oh wow the expression on the last panel, don’t wanna anger her… ever *waits for fight between her and ferret owner*

  • Wolf4530

    I wonder if she’s going to end chasing the ferret all across China town and not getting it back.

    • It’s great! The art is really nice.

      • fred

        I don’t know about that. There are some issues. Go back 4 pages (2011-10-23) and look at the last frame. She looks absolutely frigging ridiculous there. And all the necks are way too skinny, whose neck is the same diameter as their wrists?

        • Wolf


          • flabergast

            She’s on all fours

  • gggggg

    And then her tail gets caught on something. (I like tails)