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30 – Another One Rides the Bus

30 – Another One Rides the Bus published on 38 Comments on 30 – Another One Rides the Bus
One more update for you guys before I head off on my trip! iMew will be back in April after I fly over to Asia and see if I can find an actual iMew unit! Attack the problem at it’s source I say! Just a reminder so it doesn’t seem like I’m leaving you in limbo! I konw how much you all like your updates ^^” It was tough getting it to look like Sammy was hitting glass, hopefully I didn’t overdo it. The bus in the first panel was also another tough thing to make look like a bus. Good thing  signs can provide a better textual explanation than images in a case like this 😛 See you guys later!  
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  • fred

    I noe can has cheezeburger!

    The sitcom ending here would be that the ferret messing with it changes her entirely back to normal.

    • Kor

      Ahhhh, flying, angery kitty, run for ye life!!! 0_o

      • Agen

        no.., more like get in the way!

        • Artredies

          .-. i think she activated rape face

          • Explosion Zuruck

            Kerrrrrrrr-SPLAT! BAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH!

          • zophah

            I bet she will try to reset the iMew only to become effected herself!

          • Explosion Zuruck

            I hope it has a ‘lose all human traits’ button! [but still walks like an anthro] cuz I wants one!

          • Wolf

            ME TO

          • m

            How about the ability to lose all traits including walking erect (not your memory and decision making, of course) but it being entirely under your control? So, you know, shape-shifting. I don’t know, I think the other option would be kind of lonely if you were the only anthro. :/

          • Gavir

            In the near future, she’s going to be changing the heck out of everything. Sometime later: WHY IS THIS HAPPENING!?!?!?


    “iMew will be back in April after I fly over to Asia and see if I can find an actual iMew unit!”

    it is REAL!?!? “Flys to Asia” I REGRET NOTHING!

  • Alex Warlorn

    Here’s hoping that thing doesn’t have a ‘lose all humanoid traits’ button.

  • Wolf4530

    And so the great chase begins.

  • RennisTora

    Of course the [censored] wouldn’t care that her rat stole something…

    • Zachary

      rofl The angry looks on Sammy’s face in first three panels plus the people run over like bowling pins… priceless.

    • CinaParadox

      Lorry is definately gonna start playin’ with it… and Sammy’s gonna know!

  • gggggg

    Shes so sexy when she’s angry.

  • ReyJJJ

    A wild ” ” appeared!

  • Blank Theorist

    I think Tina forgets that she is in a figurine city….The expense of my 60 USD Nenodroid tells me that Tina is never going to have money again….

  • Night-X

    Why does the ego grow more then the body?

  • Regulos14

    The only way I see Yuki getting Tina out of there involves food bribes.

  • AnonAnon

    So I checked the latest Two-Kinds page, and what do I see? Tina hanging out in the back with purple-cloak-folk 😀