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32 – Just press all the buttons!

32 – Just press all the buttons! published on 80 Comments on 32 – Just press all the buttons!
Well, thanks Curran, see what you’ve done? Poor Sammy! At least she can still talk! And no, she isn’t 100% cat yet, her form is pretty hybrid still, even though she is leaning a lot more to the cat side of things. Hopefully Lori’s done messing with menu options XD And at long last we have cleared out out donation queue! Thanks again to the very generous individual who has us coasting fo such a long time… I’ll be opening up the counter on the sidebar again for you guys XD
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  • the-one

    I think that rat needs to be fed a few pounds of led

    • Newker

      Hmmm I wonder what people that are going by are saying?

      • william

        kinda knew this or some thing like it was going to happen. can’t wait to see how this ends, i personally want to see the little kitty girl get back to normal; whether she finds a skirt that fits her now is debatable

        • Dude, has anyone told you how awesome those anime eyes you draw are? And this page made me lol Poor Sammy’s probably gonna be chased by a pack of dogs at this rate xP

          • EvilNinjadude

            Gotta agree on the Eyes, man. I'm siding with Nekonny on this one. Not just Kimi, but ALL the characters have them.

          • Much obliged for the sentiment. And yeah, they totally do. Nekonny does awesome work.

          • flabergast

            Wait a sec, she isn’t even full cat yet. }:(

          • gggggg

            That is sexy! all she’s wearing is a shirt, her feet are comletley cat, and she’s much smaller now. soon she’ll be meowing and on all four legs. so glad to see how much it went the wrong way.

        • Ed

          I’m rather hoping she changes back but hasn’t found a skirt by then, but thats just me.

          • No-cat_in_purrticular


          • No-cat_in_purrticular

            First swear of the comic. Hooray!

          • TruthJusticeAndTheAmericanWay


      • No-cat_in_purrticular

        “holy shit-balls!”

        • Mr. Al


        • No-cat_in_purrticular

          That’s right my butler Alfred, I.. Am… BATMAN

    • Wac2313

      The look on Sammy’s face in the end is the best cute, confused cat face ever :3 Such a good comic this has been ^^

      • fred

        Her brain and vocal chords didn’t change, apparently. I think she should have turned into a snow leopard or something instead of a small domestic cat, though. Not just because that would be about the weight of a human at least, but also because it would be more interesting.

    • Zachary

      lol Why is everyone calling Curran a rat? I kinda feel sorry for that ferret! Then again, he stole the shiny!

  • Agen

    D’aww…, looks like Edie has a new friends to keep him company. And the best thing Lydia would save lots of $$ in just having to buy them cans of tuna…

    • Sir Anon O’Miss

      Aaaaaaaand Cat.

      Pretty soon all she’ll be able to do is ‘meow’, too.

      asdfghjkl deleted details.

      Man, I GOTTA stop writing out all of my theories, I don’t want to ruin it for others!

      • Random Guy Z

        Great page as usual, although it saddens me the TF went so fast from 1 page to another. Would have liked some phases inbetween (like only feet transform, ripping her shoes).
        But beggers can’t be choosers 😉

        • Anon Stud

          *Agrees With Random Guy Z* Would have love to see the transformation go a bit slower, preferably showing her feet transform! on the other hand….. Super cute!!!! beautiful artwork. keep it up!

        • No-cat_in_purrticular

          Why would the shoes rip?

          • Random Cat

            aww i wish she could stil be a neko cat just with bigger boobs and bigger butt

          • No-cat_in_purrticular

            That was pretty darn perverted.

          • Newker

            I liked her as a nekonny cat as well and I liked your resins

          • Newker

            Oops auto correct “neko cat” auto correct seems to like nek tho

          • Newker

            I HATE AUTO-CORRECT “reasons”

          • No-cat_in_purrticular


          • yonet-chan

            So much cuteness!

          • Anon Stud

            if I had money, i’d definitely pay for a transformation sequence! Best Manga artist Ever! 😀

          • Anon Stud

            Transformation sequence of how Sammy got from human to where she is now* heh

          • *Shakes author* MAKE A HAPPY ENDING! Please! Pretty please!

          • Agen

            Yeah, that Lydia ends up with owning two cats, ome actual feline & one humanoid looking one. (myself hoping if that happens that the real cat is well, uhm repaired NO KITTENS 🙂

          • flabergast


          • Random Guy Z

            Because Anthro cat feet are usually bigger/fatter than human feet. And of course the feet “claws” ripping trough the fabric.
            Kinda like with werewolves.

          • No-cat_in_purrticular

            I still don’t understand, how do they rip?

          • Random Guy Z

            Either you are trolling or you dont understand English very wel.
            Kinda like this:

          • Newker

            They rip at the sexyness

          • No-cat_in_purrticular

            Oh dear god that was hilarious.

  • Nekonny

    I did sketch out a few ideas for other forms, none of them looked all that great. In the end we went with this hybrid form that, although from first glance seems to be a standing cat, you might soon notice still has a lot of human features.

    • Anon Stud

      haha ya, thats true! still has a human shape! Its the perfect fusion to make her super cute. And would you maybe consider posting scrapped ideas or sending them? i’m very interested haha XD

      • Agen

        Hmm, interesting…, I’d like to see what is brought to mind as you do Anon 🙂

        • Explosion Zuruck

          SO F**KING CUTE!!!! *Runs over and picks up Sammy. Then starts petting her, loving her, and NEVER putting her down!* [MY CUTE SAMMY!]

        • giaguaro

          haha. cute. i was expecting a new catgirl change to happen to a different girl. but its a good progression to the story. keep it up 😀

    • AACMIV/ac2

      AH $#!* it right! not good! NOT GOOD!

      • AACMIV/ac2


    • Seergun

      I think I can see an opposable thumb on her hand/paw.

  • blarg

    ohh my…
    ima gonna have trouble waiting to see how this one turns out.

    • blarg

      (i gotta get a credit card)

      • NickT31898

        AAWWWWWW Nekonny has a new girlfriend:3

        • Agen

          yeah, now Tina MAY just get those kittens she’s been wanting 🙂

          • demonblades

            you cannot hope to beat Sammy in a cuteness-off. she is simply the best there is

          • No-cat_in_purrticular

            Well said sollux.

          • AsshatteryInbound

            Is that a new style of shading I see?

          • fred

            I get it now, Lori’s going to “invert selection” and the gag will just be that whatsername is going to turn human again and be completely naked in a public place. Ok, that’s a decent gag. Or should I say, an INdecent gag, heh heh.

            On the other hand, if all the options were selected, what about the one that made her boobs bigger? Shouldn’t she be a cat with human boobs? That would be messed up. But when it comes to size, her tail was definitely longer as a catgirl than as a cat it would be since it was maybe 3 feet long when humanoid, so why should furthering the transformation make it get shorter? Another reason she should have turned into a big cat, not a housecat, but whatever. I still want a resolution. Being all cat she at least doesn’t look as ridiculous as what she had been for a while.

          • Bearly

            Hopefully Lori’s fiddling and Curran’s nosing will put Sammy back right (at least partially). Can’t say I’d like to stay a cat FOREVER. Although Sammy’s cat back at the apartment may not mind! *meow* haha.

            I hope to see plenty of transformations in the next few panels, perverted and non perverted. Can’t blame a hot blooded guy for wanting to see some large breasts etc. :3

          • blarg

            i just thought her erm “assets” would change again.

          • OneManCOMICS

            Hahahahaha! I burst out laughing!

          • Agen

            Bearly, you have to keep in mind that Eddies’ probably fixed…

          • Herb Flinn

            Well, knowing your other works, this is no surprise! 🙂

          • Newker

            Nekonny you should make a deviant art thing about ALL the stages of imew after we see them all of course

    • Alex Warlorn

      Dammit. This just stopped being fun for her. Dammit. Poor girl. She just cross the line from anthro to house pet. 🙁 🙁 🙁

  • gggggg

    Yeah Full Cat…almost. I can’t believe she can still stand, and that her shirt is still on shoulda fallen off, her tail is probably most of whats holding it up. She better be careful not to move it or she’ll be naked.

  • Valkeiper2012

    LOL, a new take on the ‘super’ origin. Love it.

  • Valkeiper2012

    one of four things could explain the ‘snap-dragon’s’ disappearance in panel 6
    1> the snap-dragon doesn’t exist. very unlikely
    2> the snap-dragon can be seen only by the ‘babe’. also very unlikely.
    3> the snap-dragon fled as the farmer approached . possible, but seeing the protective posture it took for the babe, unlikely.
    4> the snap-dragon can turn invisible. best possibility

    • Victor B

      you missed one:
      5> Scared, yet wanting to protect the babe, the snap-dragon hid under the cloth. Notice it’s moving closer to the hole for the head in each panel.

      • Valkeiper2012

        Hmmm… stole my thunder, but you were right, so I didn’t need it.

        Good job.

    • Aklaya Karlson

      from the looks of it the dragon hid inside the babys blanket

  • Radar

    yes lets

  • Valkeiper2012

    notice in the first page, the snap-dragon was tied to the babe and had to free itself. Whoever sent the babe here knew the snap-dragon would be devoted to the child and sent it along.

  • Valkeiper2012

    well, I checked the “Cast” box for this page and got no help. The only cast represented is for ‘UberQuest’ and it is quite obvious ‘Milo’s mark’ (this comic) is not part of UberQuest at this point.
    The author said he’d update this comic when he had time. THAT does not sound good. It sounds more like ‘maybe once a month’ than ‘once a week’.

  • Valkeiper2012

    2 weeks without an update, but such happens often to new comics until the author/artists get their schedules straight.

    If it hits 4 weeks, I’ll be deleting it from my list. It hasn’t quite caught my interest THAT much.

  • Glenn Sellers

    Uh-oh. Sammy said a bad word. LOL.