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  • Newker

    Nekonny is there another comic pending? Or is that 1 over the imew donate bar just not gone yet

    • Nekonny

      it should be fixed tonight

      • Nekonny

        Or tonight (oops, forgot XD)

        • Comichero

          wellthe cats about to come of of tha bag now

        • ShadowKitsune

          He has a completely confused look on his face.

          • zophah

            Sammy looks very cute wearing just a shirt.

        • Agen

          <-Wonders if we';l get to see Eddie checking out the new house pet.

          • Alex Warlorn

            Weird shaped? Is any part of her still feline?

            And what cat fixated Chinese man keep inventing all these products?

        • This comic is so sexy. Why are there no updates?

      • Newker

        There we go now it's fixed

    • Chocothunda

      Ooooooooh, I see what she's doing there O///O

  • blarg

    to quote a great robot: "i love this show."

    • EvilNinjadude

      Chill out, everyone above, and read Nekonny's last comment. srsly. Also…


      • EvilNinjadude

        Toga! Toga! Toga!

        Don't ask me, it's a reference.

  • Mak

    thank you

    • Mak

      so much! for updating <3

      • Crazyeddy

        Dam that cat has my name xP

    • Newker

      Ha, I got it set up on my iPod so all you see is Sammy and her "!", Raf going "uh ok" and Lydia looking "suggestive".

  • Agen

    Heh, looking @ the two last panels…, let's see Lydia's trying to flirt with Raf, while Sammy's trying to flirt with Eddie…

    • Agen

      Maybe cause the comics Nekonny does are a pay per view…

      We pay for the comic page, Nekonny does it & we get to view

  • b0bcat16

    when to you update???????

    • Agen

      When he reachs the $55 mark, then again if you bothered to read thru the above posts you'd have seen what I had said earlier in my reply to Mengele about the update(s)

  • Shacked1998

    When will the next page come???

  • holmebrian

    lol if we want 2 need to donate 20$ more
    cant wait to see more of this

  • Newker


    • Alex Warlorn

      This will be weird.

      BTW: This comic does work best as a black and white.

  • I wonder if he’s actually aware that her shirt was sliding down xD

  • flabergast

    She probably get a change of clothes. She may still be able to pass as a midget … with a tail

  • MaveriKat

    Badass. Not surprised though; Cats and Mice don’t seem to get along on this site.

    • XEspadaX

      Classic cliche cat and mouse. never gets old.

      • Milkie

        I believe in this comic there’s a whole hierarchy thing that has something to do with it.

        • kitromney


        • Radar

          I think diego should be enjoying the fact that two hot women are fighting over him

  • bladra

    oh boy *zooms off and came back with 8 huges tubs of salt popcorn and a tanker full of cola and some cups* this will get interesting got some popcorn and pop for everyone that wants to watch this

    • Radar

      got any pretzels??

      • bladra

        sorry fresh out

        • Radar


          • kitromney


          • Radar

            wait what??????????

          • bladra

            *pulls out a shotgun and blew kitromney’s head off* someone had to shut that idiot up

          • Tammy

            *tosses you a jumbo bag of pretzels* here ya go, I always pack extra

          • Radar

            THANKS!!!! you bought my vote

          • Mr. Al

            Do you have Pringles?
            And some pepsi in that tank?

          • Tammy

            well, I didn’t pack pringles but…. *pulls out a fire hose and points at Al* I got plenty of Pepsi *pulls down some goggles over my eyes and grins*

          • Radar

            alright, HIT ME WITH YOUR BEST SHOT!!!!!!!!!!

          • Tammy

            *laughs maniacally and blasts the hose full force*

          • Radar


  • Cory Tenorio

    En garde!!

  • MrAMP

    *Enter Romantic Flashback* XD
    Kidding aside, I don’t know why, but the insults came off as forced.

    • Nash Robert

      I know what you mean. What if next page they look like they’re about to kill each other and then start laughing their asses off and it turns out they’re best friends.

  • shadowblade

    love the preaty eyes

  • Lance

    If you really want this reaction from Diego turn the sabre the other way around. Ca’t do much damage with blunt side of it.

    • Anon

      Who says it’s suppose to be menacing his neck ;D

      • Milkie

        Oh. o_o

      • Lance

        Obviously Diego’s reaction.

        • kitromney


  • Wolf2125


  • Wolf2125

    The way Cheryl looked at Diego. There’s still be love there, I think.

    • Radar

      arg, ye might be right there laddy

  • BlackWind

    oh wow she took being called a rodent so offensively, i didnt think it was derrogatory but descriptive, then retaliating with filthy feline that was a tad insulting which escalated things to being called sewer rat to the classical bitch title (and it didn’t help she called Aria a whore either)

    • kitromney


      • Radar

        talkin about yourself eh???

  • Shadowkey392

    I think I smell a sword fight over the next horizon.

    • Radar


  • william

    wow, the fighting doesn’t seem to be calming down, quite the opposite at that. Not long now before the fur (and clothes) go flying. and of course, there will be blood (and boobs).

  • leepop7

    i think we found deigos gf

  • Tammy

    thank god the two ladies in my life are aware and perfectly fine with sharing me

    • Radar

      mother and sister???

      • Tammy


        • Radar

          no comment

          • Tammy

            think about it

          • Radar

            don’t have to

  • Good job as always, Sir Skidd. But what’s the glowing thing near Sesame’s left shoulder in the seventh fra… oh, right it was the acid burn. Nevermind then.

    • Looks like a wound. I think from where she had acid dripped on her from that chick/monster thingy.

  • Raxki Yamato

    FAROOONNNNNNN O//////////////////////////////////O SO MUCH TEASING YOU ONE EY MERCHANT!!! (totalling ignoring Sesame fanservice because Farron need more attention)!

    • natchu96

      He may only have one eye, but now he can safely say that this one eye alone has experienced much more than a lesser man’s entire body.

  • Blank Theorist

    And this is why you HIDE when you think someone is sneaking up on you, so you can get the jump on them.

    Also…have you been messing with lighting? Holy crap this page has epic lighting effects.

    • Teh Phuufs

      To be fair she thought it was another monster. And yes, we have been trying to put a bit more effort into the coloring of the pages 😀 Thank you!

      • Blank Theorist

        Im used to a thief or more stealthy role in about everything, so I can see why a warrior’s reaction would be different to mine XD
        And keep up the good work, it really shows :3

      • Chuck

        It was a monster! A one-eyed trouser snake!

  • Gaboris

    Oh man those flying leaves are just TOO perfect. XD

    I really love Sesame’s blush at anything attitude. She’s just so adorable. :3

    • Alex Smith

      Her blush is very cute.

  • Shinigami65

    Leaves falling in convenient spots, damn you age censorship.
    Too bad for Farron, looks like he’s gonna lost the other eye.

    • Alucai Vivorvel

      Well, depending on the artist’s preference, furries/anthropomorphic characters don’t exactly need clothes. Their fur would cover most of the little “bits”.

  • Alex Smith

    Sesame! Don’t get your broadsword in the water, that thing will rust faster than you might realize.

    • Anonymous M

      Well we don’t know what Seasame’s sword is made of because the sword blade is blue and who knows what enchantments have been put onto that sword

      • Alex Smith

        Didn’t she say it wasn’t a very good sword…? That’s why she’s actively seeking a new one, and thus so angry at the kill steal/loot grabbing Dante?

  • Victor Masi

    for some reason the title makes me think of Ren and Stimpy.

  • Shaggy

    Remember Sesame, you’re both naked, so there’s really no pervert here.

  • NixieSeal

    Both naked, both already bathing when you found eachother. Yeah, this was an innocent mistake. But I bet Sesame won’t see it as such.

    • The_Rippy_One

      “Both naked, both already bathing” … Can WE see it as such? XD

  • Saruman


  • Corey

    He’s so calm about it.

    • Teh Phuufs

      He’s been around. It’s nothing new.

  • Zachary Nelson Gober

    I just realized that Farron does not have his eye patch on at the moment o_0 that is just creepy

    • Teh Phuufs

      It’s just a socket, yes. So the name cyclops is even more fitting!

      • Zachary Nelson Gober

        Very true that it is fitting for him and i have no problem with it. It just caught me off guard when I first saw him without his eye-patch.

        • Teh Phuufs

          *nods* Well you get a better view of the missing eye in the next page! XD

  • Jack Mcslay

    Show off dat booty all that warror’s workout gave you!

  • Gotch

    Please keep this stuff up.

  • James-Polymer

    Aye caramba…is it hot in here? O.O
    Screw cup sizes, Sesame is jacked *and* sexy. ^/////^

    • Valkeiper2012

      You need to take a icy cold shower. (so do I, LOL)

  • Saruman

    I think that something is gonna happen between them… just a guess..

    • Valkeiper2012

      LOL, what was your first clue?

      I very much doubt they’ll both blow this off as a “Oops”. One of them (very likely Sesame) is going to over-react.

  • Jagmaster69

    Who else saw it coming? 😉

  • Jagmaster69

    what’s on farons chest???
    Is it a scar from another monster?

    • Teh Phuufs

      Yes, he has two ‘slash’ scars on his chest.

  • Jagmaster69

    Scatered leaves and the bubble covering both of them. I love it Skidd keep it up.

  • SgtBash96

    Whoops hehe ^^

  • Flora Legacy

    oh god…this page is just too freaking awesome, especially with the iconic leaf censoring XD…just too perfect, usually that would make me a bit mad, but in this case it is just hilarious and perfect! that coupled with the fact that she is blushing uncontrollably just makes it all the more perfect XD
    poor sesame lol
    GREAT job on this page skidd, this one to me stands out above the rest so far!

  • Jesse Wise

    There can never be “too much of this”! I was hoping there’d be some “skin” since they’ve been clothed to the chin since page 1. Hoping Kibbles drops in for a dip without realizing the other two are already there. Good times!

    • Valkeiper2012

      and what would you think Kibbles’ reaction would be?

      That’s all we need. A mage who has trouble keeping her spells straight in a no-stress scene (the tavern) suddenly getting THIS sort of surprise.

      Well, since the comic is loosely based on fantasy RPGs, maybe Kibbles won’t have any spells ready (if you could say she ever had them ready)

  • Valkeiper2012

    Notice Claire (who has never had to worry about her noise level while sleeping) is snoring like a bullhorn and Kibbles (who probably had a teacher who disliked interruptions) is quiet.

    Farron probably saw Sesame on her way to the stream, so he already knew she was there and the likely event when he made that telltale “splash” that got her attention. After all, even a rat needs to bathe on occasion and he was there first.

    Now we know sesame has a purpose to going into the next village. This is a purpose she has informed nobody else (including her faithful readers. shame on you, Sesame).

    • Teh Phuufs

      She has been stating she is on a quest since Page 1, on Page 2 we knew she was looking for someone. She reitterated this on page 19 where she explains to Claire an Kibbles that she is getting distracted from what she set out to do and 21 (that she has a quest she is on AND trying to help Claire) before Farron interrupts her. During page 27 we of course have the dream sequence where we elude to what her quest is about – she has to help her village! So we have been trying to state throughout the comic that she is a on a quest to go somewhere and find someone and that she is doing it to help people in her homeland.

      But it’s always helpful to remind readers- especially something as important as the main character’s goals and the whole reason the story began in the first place.

      • Valkeiper2012

        I knew about all of those and figured that was the quest about her village. My surprise at the ‘next village’ quest was because I never thought she’d have a short-term quest we didn’t know about.

        • Teh Phuufs

          She going from town to town looking for someone.Sorry for the confusion, we will try to clarify it better in future strips.

  • Al

    >Don’t worry.. there wont be too much of this.

    Best news.

  • DarkMyste

    i see the rat has found the cheesecake, and the cat has found the beekcake

  • Shaggy

    It’s a one eyed man and his one eyed snake!

  • Pillbug

    That “Not amusing” face he has is amazing

  • Victor B

    Romance at it’s finest!

  • WaveRave

    dat ass

  • Valkeiper2012

    Wonderful consistency too. I particularly note the notches in Farron’s left ear when I say that.

    I am wondering about that purple ring in Sesame’s hair. It’s just as consistent as any other vision in the comic, but it does not seem to be a head piece of some sort or a headband.

    • Teh Phuufs

      It’s just the shine of her hair. I do it differently then other characters to give the appearance her hair is very ‘straight’. Here the highlights are a bit wavy because their hair is wet.

      • Valkeiper2012

        Thank you for explaining it.
        I feel like a real dunce for not understanding it. I should have, since you have been so consistent with all your work and (now that I look) the others also have their ‘hair-glows’.

        This shows just how much detail you put into each character’s development. In the stories I’m writing, I have to be very cautious about rambling on with too much detail.

        You do very well with it.

  • Valkeiper2012

    Now for Claire and Kibbles to come running in reaction to Sesame’s yelling and find a… very interesting scene.

  • man

    Damn, what an ass…

  • Victor Masi

    what I think is probably going through both of their heads in that last panel =…well this is awkward.

  • Cory Tenorio

    He is completely unphased by her nudeness. Impressive.

  • Jagmaster69

    The one thing i love about faron in this panel is that he is so chill hes like sup brah?

  • Night-X

    Putting too much pages too fast for me to read. Want to slow down little bit so I can keep up.

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  • 財布のコピー 時間を発表しますとても長くてとても長い前、人類はすべて更に赤く双足は歩いています。1人の国王はある辺鄙で遠い田舎の旅行に着いて、路面がでこぼこなため、とても多くてばらばらな石があって、刺すのは彼の足を得ます痛くてしびれます。王宮に帰った後に、彼はおりていっしょに命令して、国内のすべての道はすべて一層のほらに敷きます。彼はこのようにすると思って、自分になって、また彼の人民に幸福をもたらすことができて、みんなを歩かせます時もう受けて痛い苦しみを刺しません。たとえしかし最も国内のすべての牛を殺しますとしても、十分な皮革をも調達しきれないで、費やした金銭、使用する人力、更にはかりしれません。まったくできないが、甚だしきに至ってはまたかなり愚かで、しかし国王の命令なため、みんなも頭を振ってため息をつくことしかできません。1人の聡明な召使いは大胆に国王に提案を出しています:「国王!どうしてあなたは大勢の人を動員して、そんなに多い牛に命を捧げて、そんなに多い金銭を費やしますか?あなたは何は両の小さいほらであなたの足をしっかり包むだけではありませんか?」国王が聞いたのはとても驚いて、しかしもすぐ悟って、そこですぐに命令を取り消して、この提案を新たに採用します。聞くところによると、これは「革靴」の由来です。世界を変えたくて、難しいです;自分を変えて、比較的容易です。全世界を変えるよりも、先に自分の–「自分の双足を包みます」を変えるほうがいいです。自分のいくつかの観念と方法を変えて、外来の侵略を防ぎ止めますで。自分で変えた後に、目の中の世界の自然はすぐ引き続き変えました。

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  • ルイヴィトンコピー 偽物激安ヴィトンコピー 販売階のほらを輸入する資格があって、全国の第一項のナイロンのふろしき包みは傲慢なシリーズの女性を配合して包んで、高級で派手で、私達はただふろしき包みの中のハイエンドのブランドだけをしま。ハイエンドのファスナー、私達の採用の高級なファスナーは大工場のOEMからで、ファスナーが順調で滑るのは丈夫で、高品質と高享受。

  • “日本一流ヴィトン コピー、ヴィトン コピー 激安(N品)専門店、全国送料無料、ヴィトン コピー 通販,ヴィトン コピー商品,ヴィトン コピー 販売,当サイト販売したヴィトン コピーなので正規品と同等品質提供した格安で完璧な品質のをご承諾します、当サイトは最高級ヴィトン コピー激安通信販売店です ホームページをクリックして商品をご覧下さい.ロレックスコピー,業界No.1人気スーパーコピーロレックス腕時計専門販売ブランド サングラス 、ブランドコピー、ルイ ヴィトン サングラス、サングラス コピー、シャネル サングラス、グッチ サングラス、コーチ サングラス、D&G サングラス、偽物 サングラス 、激安 サングラス 韓国 人気 楽天市場 モンクレール 代引き 海外ブランド コピー ダミエ 偽者 ルイヴィトンコピーグッチコピーエルメスコピーロレックスコピーカルティエコピーオメガコピーブルガリ コピー 時計スーパーコピーも多彩な品揃えでお待ちしています。スーパーコピー,ブランドコピー,コピーブランド,シャネルコピー ブランド商品は信頼と安心のお店、ベルメゾンネットで

  • 2016新作の展示,新品種類がそろっています!当社の商品は絶対の自信が御座います。★信用第一、良い品質、低価格は(*^-^*)★当店の承諾に→誠実 信用★送料無料(日本全国)※ご注文の方は、ご連絡下さい。期待!!※以上 宜しくお願い致します。

  • 2016秋冬最適ウブロコピー腕時計皆さん、こちらへどうぞ、ご注意くださいね。2016秋冬がソそろそろ来ますよ。皆様へのいい気持ちを与えることができるため、こういう季節に最適商品が登場しております。ウブロコピー,ウブロスーパーコピー,ウブロコピー時計,ウブロコピー代引き,ウブロコピー 時計通販,ウブロコピー時計販売弊店,は最低の価格と最高のサービスを提供しております。皆様は最高の満足を収穫することができます。▲下記の連絡先までお問い合わせください。是非ご覧ください!

  • 財布のコピー 時間を発表しますとても長くてとても長い前、人類はすべて更に赤く双足は歩いています。1人の国王はある辺鄙で遠い田舎の旅行に着いて、路面がでこぼこなため、とても多くてばらばらな石があって、刺すのは彼の足を得ます痛くてしびれます。王宮に帰った後に、彼はおりていっしょに命令して、国内のすべての道はすべて一層のほらに敷きます。彼はこのようにすると思って、自分になって、また彼の人民に幸福をもたらすことができて、みんなを歩かせます時もう受けて痛い苦しみを刺しません。たとえしかし最も国内のすべての牛を殺しますとしても、十分な皮革をも調達しきれないで、費やした金銭、使用する人力、更にはかりしれません。まったくできないが、甚だしきに至ってはまたかなり愚かで、しかし国王の命令なため、みんなも頭を振ってため息をつくことしかできません。1人の聡明な召使いは大胆に国王に提案を出しています:「国王!どうしてあなたは大勢の人を動員して、そんなに多い牛に命を捧げて、そんなに多い金銭を費やしますか?あなたは何は両の小さいほらであなたの足をしっかり包むだけではありませんか?」国王が聞いたのはとても驚いて、しかしもすぐ悟って、そこですぐに命令を取り消して、この提案を新たに採用します。聞くところによると、これは「革靴」の由来です。世界を変えたくて、難しいです;自分を変えて、比較的容易です。全世界を変えるよりも、先に自分の–「自分の双足を包みます」を変えるほうがいいです。自分のいくつかの観念と方法を変えて、外来の侵略を防ぎ止めますで。自分で変えた後に、目の中の世界の自然はすぐ引き続き変えました。