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  • Mikael Brooks

    Suddenly, my happiness has increased. There is an update.
    All is forgiven regarding the update! I just hope to see more soon!

    • Facade Kitsune

      well 2 are saved up now

      • Jerohan

        Panel 3: FANSERVICE AHOY!

        • meh

          (in regards to last words on page) totally

      • Mikael Brooks

        I look forward to seeing them.

        • Artemiy

          I just wonder…. How does “go go go!” sound in cat? “Meow meow meow!”? That’d be hilarious…

  • Facade Kitsune

    Death couch it’s like an astronaut bed but with more compression to the wall


  • Vulpine Warrior

    Might need a flamethrower for that fridge, Alex…

    • Shadowkey392

      Pretty sure she’s cleaning the fridge, not cleaning the fridge out.

    • Edge Knight

      whats in the frige to need a flamethrower in the first place!!!!

      • Vulpine Warrior

        Pete lives there. I’m assuming there’s something gross in the fridge.

  • Jaysteeny

    Is that a buffer, or an angle grinder?

  • Antonio Barrientes

    “I bet one bite of that would give you enlightenment!”

    Oh, it’ll give you “enlightenment”, all right. It’ll “en-lighten” your lower intestine.