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45 – The Distraction

45 – The Distraction published on
And welcome back! Thanks again for all your patience, and I hope you guys enjoy the finale of iMew! In order to give some spacing to the comics and allow our readers in other timezones to catch up, posts will happen every other day after I get back from work, so expect the next page to go up Tuesday night, then Thursday, then Saturday, and so on. We have 4 pages in the queue, and only 2 left to go! Its very close now ^_^ Thanks again for all your support guys! On a special note, Ive been talking with Curran about making a short, FREE spinoff of this comic that involves Lori and Curran, that will tie in with the kickstarter that we expect to launch in another two months or so. We should have dome teaser of that before the last page of iMew is posted 😉
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