50 – The end?

Nekonny: Finally done and delivered! My first comic project completed, and what a journey it was! I have to thank Curran our talented writer for all the effort he put into this and to our fans who supported this comic. Will there be more? In some form or another, I think so. In any case, come visit again in a month or two to see what happens to this comic!

Curran: Well, this was the first full writing that I had way more input on, and it was a great way for me to have a lot of fun with an idea that Nekonny had. What made it even better was that we were supported for it. I’m extremely grateful for the fan support, and I hope you all had as much fun reading as I had writing. Keep your eyes peeled though, we’re nowhere near finished yet with this!

113 thoughts on “50 – The end?”

  1. loved the story.. it was filled with fun, excitement, humor, drama, and all around awesomeness. that being said, WHY DOES IT HAVE TO END!!! DX

  2. Moral of the story: if you want to be good at debating as a girl, have bigger boobs than the other person? Never mind trying to provide a better argument than your opponent, skin deep’s all that matters.

    For some reason that panel really irks me.

    1. Well, It’s a comedy … each panel is supposed to make you smile or laugh. It’s not like it is supposed to be reflecting the absolute reality. I applaud you for promoting gender equality and fighting sexism, but you should think about choosing your venues …

      1. I like your style! Also, really depends on the audience in a debate like that, If it’s a bunch of teenage guys, well, you can guess who’d win! :D

    2. Well, originally it was just the tail that was supposed to appear, and we wouldn’t get what was bothering Lori until the last panel (the tail only she can see). But I wanted to show that Sammy isn’t quite done experimenting with the phone. Giving her a bigger chest has nothing to do with winning the debate, it was intended as a way to toss Lori off her game. Also serves as some goodbye fan-service XD

    3. That’s… pretty accurate, actually, try debating as a girl :J That whole debate club “argue any position, no matter how ludicrous” thing? It’s all about tactics that don’t care whether your statements are true or false, they appeal to emotions and leave landmines of bullshit and whatnot.

      Of course, normally you have to dance the line of doing it without getting caught at it… but what’s Lori going to do here, complain about the magic phone?

    4. The PROBLEM is that you are doing the typical evil feminist ploy – ONE of the many evil feminist ploys – of trying to IDENTIFY with EVERY female character in every work of fiction you encounter. Why do you feel COMPELLED to try to identify with her? Is it some sort of obsessive-compulsive disorder? What do you want, for every female character in every work of fiction to be a frigging genius? Does your sense of self-worth depend on that? What if you encounter a stupid woman in real life? Do you think her very existence makes you less of a person, just by existing? Do you try to murder her because her very existence offends you? You know what? When a male encounters a stupid male character, he says “ha ha, what a stupid guy, I’m sure smarter than him”. When a female with a functional brain encounters a stupid female character, she says “ha ha, what a stupid bimbo”. When she encounters a stupid male character, she says, “ha ha, what a stupid guy”. When a male encounters a stupid female character, he says “ha ha, what a stupid bimbo. Also she’s hot.” But when a feminist encounters a stupid female character, she says “I am OUTRAGED! This is an EVIL PLOT from the PATRIARCHY to give ALL WOMEN a bad name! Because SHE is speaking for my whole gender!” Add to the fact that Sammy HAS already proved – if you read the stupid thing – that she IS as dumb as a post. It’s not like we’re talking about someone who is a frigging genius letting you down at the end after you’ve been given reason to actually identify with her and build up a high opinion of her. Add to that the fact that this is one step short of porno material aimed at males with furry fetishes. You shouldn’t be reading it ANYWAY. It is not AIMED at you. It is not aimed at me either, I’m just bouncing around links back and forth from the top rated web comics (starting from 2kinds), but I digress. But let me ask you, if you encountered a female in real life who DID use her sexuality as a weapon in a “debate” – and you’re out of your mind *cough cough Sarah Palin cough cough Christine Odonnell cough cough Michelle Bachman cough cough* – whew, I must be coming DOWN with something with a cough like that – like I was saying, if you encountered a female who actually exists in real life who was just as sleazy and pathetic and incapable of winning a debate with a coherent argument and relied on her appearance, and you’re out of your mind if you think there aren’t AMPLE examples in real life, would you try to kill her because her very existence offends you? Do you think their existence make a statement that all women are stupid bimbos? Or is it just THEM who are the bimbos? The fact of the matter is, if you think this is sexist, it is a connection YOUR brain makes, not a connection that is inherently in the thing. The thing isn’t sexist. You are.

    1. Not really. The phone was fixed, Sammy was back to normal and they got away from Lori and Curran. This is more of an epilogue ending. I suppose I could have continued it, but lacking a major driving objective all it could ever become is a slice of life story (with a twist). Too open ended for my taste, I much rather focus on a new project at this point. However, there are some ideas that I’ve been throwing around with Curran regarding this universe, so who knows?

  3. Little sad it’s over. I do wish it was going on as it could have been interesting to see it going further and her playing around with her phone.

    I do find the ‘bigger boobs is better’ thing rather tiring though. I think she looks much nicer normally.

    1. Then you have the rest of the comic [at least, the parts where she isn’t a cat,] to enjoy her normal sized breasts.

  4. Ah, that lovely BAMF! sound…
    ‘Twill always remind me of Marvel’s Nightcrawler.
    Interesting way to end the tail. Uh, TALE, that is!

  5. to bad it ended now but hey who knows they may either make a sequel, create a new interesting twist version of it or something like that

  6. awesome way to end the comic, with a random furry tail sprouting from a cute girl’s butt. sad it’s over though, but still, the end is only the beginning.

  7. That was a nice use of that sound effect in that last panel. A shame there won’t be more iMew in the future.

  8. Instead of ending it right there, you could continue with the story of her exploiting the features of the phone and come to realize why the phone is the way it is. She could start exploiting the phone to help people, coming to grips with the world is much more mysterious than she realize. You can also grow the characters in more in-depth character development to allow for comedy, romance, action, and drama.

    1. Yeah, there’s potential for continuing the story but its mostly a question of time. I want to focus on bringing CB to a close for a while, and give myself plenty of time to think up new stories and how to present them.

  9. im still keeping this in my bookmarks bar just in case something causes this to continue. It was a good comic for sure, so spending the time to remove it would be a shame ^^;

    1. There can only be one side comic really. Doing CB and iMew was tough enough, I know I wouldn’t be able to handle 3 comics on a consistent basis.

    1. Not that familiar with many comics that have ended. In my opinion its far better to have an actual ending than it is to just stop updating and leave something halfway done, isn’t it?

  10. There’s definitely room for a sequel, if not quite the proverbial “hole the size and shape of a sequel”. The iMew phone can somehow graft feline traits onto its user? HOW? Maybe it’s exploiting some sort of hyperadvanced technology; maybe it’s just plain Magic. Either way, there’s a friggin’ *factory* turning these things out somewhere.

    What *else* is the factory doing with this hypertech/magic? Who knows about it? And many other questions that follow logically…

    1. Coming soon to underground stores near you : iPawed Its a dog gone good player for all your favorite media…. ( Don’t you worry, it will get your tail a waggin. ) Also coming soon iBubble, iFly and the newest in performance related equipment.. the iTrot.

    2. Yeah, the plot device has plenty of potential, although making other stories interesting without following the same exact formula isn’t as easy as you might think.

    1. Since this is the first time this happens in the Katbox, there’s really no precedent to follow. Honestly I see nothing wrong with keeping a complete comic up. As far as additional updates, there are some ideas, but we really have no timetable as to when it will happen.

  11. As i read the comments I can’t help but facepalm, everyone is saying” im so sad its over,” “Oh god why!?” where upon you read the description they never officaly stated that because the first “Book” is over, that their ending Imew. and they even say come back in a month to see what happens…

    1. Well… I do want to use the downtime to get The kickstarter stuff out of the way for CB. I have talked over a few ideas with Curran, but we don’t really have a timetable as to when it will happen.

  12. its over?… i was hoping it would last longer… well you did say that you’re not finished yet… please try to make more soon i really enjoyed it…

      1. well I certainly hope so, cause this was a really good one, i hope that if they make another that it will be longer than this one

  13. wow, i have been reading this comic since the very beginning! and i cant believe its finally over. i enjoyed every new post and reading such a great comic. i hope you do a part two or another comic. thank you =^.^=

      1. Then how come it says “we’re nowhere finished yet with this” ?
        In the 2nd panel, does his shirt say Rascals?

        1. Quick, dial 1-800-CRAZY!
          That was Curran that wrote that, while we had a few more plans for it, its not as grandiose as what we have done so far.

      1. hey Nekonny, since you got about 12 pages left to finish Caribbean Blue, what will you do once the comic reaches page 300? are you gonna start production on a new WebComic project or will you reboot one of your previous comics, are gonna leave katbox after you finish CB?

      2. Hmm, that is interesting. But not sure how’d it work in Sammy getting stuck as a cat? We already have Nekonny but unlike him Sammy probably wouldn’t be able to talk to humans..

  14. Even though I don’t think anyone’s reading the comments anymore, I had the idea of how cool it would be if this comic was recreated following choices that we were curious about the first time around, like what would it have been like if Sammy “told” Raf instead of if they hadn’t fixed the phone, etc. Just an idea. I also commented because it brought the number of comments to 90 so yay for that.

    1. I don’t mean to burst your bubble but this comic has reached it’s end and there are no more updates. Also, “tis” means it is so using it in a sentence such as thee is using the word incorrectly.

      1. you happy with that? you satisfied with your correction? and if you read the discription it says to check in a month or two to see what happens to the comic, i didnt ask if there would be a new comic i asked if there was any change.

        1. Impediment noted, though if you’ve been paying attention you should still have noticed that Nekonny is late with updating this comic.

  15. maybe there would of been a alternate version like instead of a cat type on a vixen version or maybe a sequel where the app get used by someone else a year later heck maybe even a one where a college girl who had a rough time gets to gain a app on her new phone which has two modes a alter self mode and alter target mode which she uses the phones camera to aim on the target she gets to change such as a example she changes a cheerleader that bullied her into a cowgirl with urges to eat grass to make fun of her

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