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  • Majinkoba

    Fine print of psychology, doesn’t always help with self diagnosis

    • Shadowkey392

      Got that right.

  • brant drake

    I love the new clothes and claire’s clothes with the gun fits her, makes me love her more. So a mage, gunslinger, berserk/warrior that’s all the classes right?

    • Teh Phuufs

      Farron could be considered a ‘thief’ class, Kylar is a ranger/archer and well Mason.. that’s yet to be decided but that will be important to the story later 😉

      • brant drake

        Forgot about those two. I can’t think of anything for mason given his passiveness least that’s how I see him.

      • Naphrym

        maybe Mason would be a beast master. bit of a stretch, but ya know

      • Verager

        I’ve always seen him as a craftsman, maybe with a bit of merchant (though Farron seems to have him beat on that last one). Definitely a highly critical member of any professional adventuring group.

      • Victor B

        I always wondered about classes. Being a lover of the sneakers, I normally pick being a rogue myself as they use duel weapons, can find hidden objects and are quite useful in a team. They also rock since they are good at pickpocketing and stealing. However, I always thought that it would be cool if a rogue learned other tricks, like a good healing spell or teleportation. Think of it.. as everyone fights, they sneak in the shadows and take out people who wonder off or go straight around to get the leader. When that happens, an archer hits a mage. Poof, the jack-of-all-trades pops back and heals the mage so the mage can heal everyone else. Then he continues his reduction technique…

      • Destry Soule

        i wouldnt put it pass Mason to be a druid of some type.

  • BlackWind

    I truly like their new outfits but Claire needs to stop mouthing off like that because cute or not nobody likes a smart mouth, and Sesame is being kind enough to not say anything back

    • Ikaru Sentinal-K’Valshar

      I agree. She has been behaving more like a jerk than Sesame was. And her little ‘nobody but ME has EVER felt loss!’ bit grated.

  • Victor Masi

    is it me or does Claire look like she just walked out of a Star Wars film…..and that is a compliment.

    • Lostcheetah

      Correction she just walked out of the new starwars film before release. But instead of a Face palm it was a FaceFloor.

  • cr1ms0n t1ger

    I love Claire’s new look. Medieval-ish with a hint of futuristic.
    Her character profile said that she’s an engineer. In the near future, she’ll be required to fight. With her expertise, she could be like a huntard (pet class). Like tossing down steam-powered traps, turrets and robots to fight for her. That would be so cool. I’m guessing she can make all those gadgets down the road. She is, as she herself stated, a genius, after all.

    • Victor Masi

      she looks like a Jedi

      • cr1ms0n t1ger

        Like a Jedi she looks. Learn to fight she must.

  • Night-X

    How high is I.Q. of face?

    • Victor Masi

      1.21 Gigawatts

      • Night-X

        That sound powerful.

      • cr1ms0n t1ger

        GREAT SCOT!! No wonder she traveled trough time.

  • Majinkoba

    Yeah, i do like the new clothes, whenever I am trying to come up with a look for new characters clothes is always my biggest stumbling point, probably because I have absolutely no fashion sense in my normal life so how am I supposed to come up with something for someone else to wear.

  • Alex Dixon

    Liking the new looks Claire.

  • Guru

    My IQ is…
    *falls on face*
    …higher than my dignity as of this moment.

  • Victor Masi

    People are probably gonna hate me for saying this one…………William Shakespeare’s Jerkititus Andronicus, starring Sir Anthony Hopkins as Sesame……God help us all if someone’s actually crazy enough to draw that.

  • Victor Masi

    on another note, Sesame’s outfit is pretty close to an idea I had for a redesign of Wonder Woman’s armor

  • I cheered for the rock, somewhat xD

  • Tallon-1


  • Lostcheetah

    Well.. she sure walks like a genius, to focused on others than herself when trying to be a smarty pants lol

  • Smallfoot

    Intelligence and Wisdom are separate stats for a reason, Claire..

  • Mafoc

    I get where it all comes from, but i’m really starting to not like Claire.

  • Victor B

    Hmm… I wonder if Claire’s making that up. Cause it sounds like a nerd ‘ way if throwing an insult

    • Victor Masi

      she must be taking lessons from Sheldon Cooper

      • Teh Phuufs

        That’s a close comparison to her character. Despite not liking the Big Bang Theory personally – she is ALOT like Sheldon.

      • Victor B

        Way to get it right Mr. Masi

      • Gravedigger

        let us hope to god that isnt true

  • Alexorsomething

    10/10 would play.

  • Cory Tenorio

    And Claire just got a case of “Big Ego Syndrome” symptoms are: using a fancy vocabulary, walking with eyes closed followed by a major face plant.

    • somebodywhoknowsthings

      Her eyes were actually open, she was looking at Sesame

      • Cory Tenorio

        (Uses tape recorder) note to self. Victims of B.E.S sometimes walk looking in the opposite direction.

  • Silvermain

    Let’s hope Sesame and Claire get a real reconciliation.

  • Toshiro Tushima

    Ouch, faceplant. But seriously, Claire, Sesame was trying to apologize to you from the other night.

  • Jagmaster69

    I dont understand how do people trip? i havent tripped since i was born

    • Cory Tenorio

      It just happens sometimes. Think of it as fates personal reality check.

    • Teh Phuufs

      Pretty sure you probably tripped learning to walk/as a young child.

      • Jagmaster69

        It probably was inserted in for karma. On the other hand, I like clair’s new hairstyle and clothes!

    • somebodywhoknowsthings

      I think in Claire’s case it was karma

  • GG1

    Ah yes, brilliant mind, always aware of your surroundings and things, this had me LOL really funny, so Claire you think you know everything huh? New type of face plant for sure.

  • GG1

    Just thought of something else, with that face plant, Claire is gonna look like a pug, for a while HEH HEH!!!

  • Vampbanshee

    its time back to far A.E. time ! Claire should know that they never hear of College, I.Q. measures and what ever the words never hear of. Kind of feel sorry for Claire and smart mouth. Hope not claire lose the friends again. =(

  • ACSB

    Panel 5: GRAVITY CHECK!!!

    • Victor Masi

      aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand cue Looney Tunes end theme

  • Saruman

    Claire looks awesome, if i may say

  • Arthur Frelling Dent

    I wonder if Ses will be cool enough to help Claire up, and tell her: “I’m trying to set things right with you, so just accept it…”

  • Dart Devious

    Where did the new out fits come from?

  • jrh150482

    I like Claire’s new threads.

    Oh, and Sesame, don’t take that “diagnosis” too seriously. She winked at you while delivering it, so she was totally being facetious with you.

  • Psychowolf

    Being clumsy doesn’t automatically make her not a genius. I would know, being a true genius myself.

  • Corwhovian

    I feel the shippers approaching now.

    • Shadowkey392

      What, to ship Alex and Art?
      …yeah, I can see people shipping that.

  • Vulpine Warrior

    Ha-ha, Alex – you just got burned by the herbivore!

  • Shadowkey392

    Rofl poor Pete!