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  • Adam McGarry

    I imagine Kylar talking with Gordon Ramses’ voice. Is that far off or no?

  • Elosan

    Why do I have the feeling that some of those scouts are going to die?

    • James-Polymer

      Why? None of them are wearing red. 😉

  • GG1

    Kylar and the 2 other scouts have weapons, but what type of weapon does that cute bunny carry? I didn’t see anything on her. Have a very happy new year.

    • Majinkoba

      She could be a hand to hand fighter

      • Chris Pancoast

        or her weapon is hidden by the crossbowman in front of her… Don’t see her left hand in any of the frames.

        • Teh Phuufs

          Ah yes, two crossbow users and two traditional archers. 🙂

    • Maybe it’s hidden in a holster or literally in her pants or something, that or she could be a fist-to-the-face-to-the-torso-to-the-foot kind of fighter.

  • Nice page, and the bunny scout is quite awesome.
    Happy new year, Skidd and Phuffy!
    Also, a Rhett and Link reference? xD

  • cr1ms0n t1ger

    Kylar: *starts talking about his past*
    Me (thinks): You look good in panties You look good in panties. Whatever you’re talking about might be interesting, but you look good in panties. DAMMIT! Concentrate, dude. Think of anything else other then how sexy that raccoon looks… mostly exposed… wearing nothing but festive, girly underwear… Wait, is he talking about something relevant or something?

  • Jagmaster69

    Oh shit! my dirty mind has come up with something that should not be spoken of.

  • Cory Tenorio

    Get your earmuffs cause he’s about to spin a yarn.

  • Alex Smith

    Yay! New characters, and backstory!

  • Victor B

    I was wondering about that myself… how did the best be known as that?

    And I think Ainsley is just upset that her advances were deflected by Kylar